Dungeness is a headland point in Kent that forms one of the largest expanses of shingle in Europe, and is classified as a desert by the Met office!

It is home to a plethora of wildlife and although being a conservation area offers some of the best fishing around UK shores.

Fish Merchants have operated out of Dungeness for many years supplying fresh fish to the surrounding areas including some of the best restaurants in London.

Dinner in London Anyone?

Dungeness has some fantastic and fresh options when it comes to eating. Being so close to fishing ports there is always a fresh supply travelling into Kent and further along to supply several London restaurants.

After living in the area for several years I have a number of favourite locals I frequent where I know I will get good grub and good service. One of my personal favourites for several years now is the Pilot Inn on Battery Road. A great atmosphere with warming fires in the winter, and extensive menu, the highlight of which is of course the famous fish dishes.

On the occasion as part of being of ‘good’ husband I feel obliged to take the Missus out somewhere further afield. So to celebrate our 15th anniversary I decided to book something special in a top London restaurant. I was not only looking for good food but really I wanted a romantic setting for me and my wife. Now I

Clos Maggiore Where We Ate

don’t count myself in with the internet savvy but I came across the London Restaurants section of Private-Dining.co.uk and managed to use the search feature to find a restaurant with a room designed for Continue reading

The Best Fishing in Dungeness

Dungeness has a worldwide reputation. It is a site of ecological importance and the environmental factors contribute to a wealth of life on both land and sea.
The fishing is some of the best on the in the UK with a great number of species and marine life enhanced by the warm waters of the Dungeness power station. It is an internationally recognised cod fishing venue. Continue reading

About Dungeness

Dungeness PointDungeness is a headland point that forms one of the largest expanses of shingle in Europe. Not only this but it is the only desert in the UK, classified as such by the Met Office.

Situated in Kent, Dungeness has a fantastic vantage point and views of France can be achieved on clearer days. It forms an important shelter for Romney Marsh which is a wetland area of about 100 square miles. The geomorphology, birdlife, plant and invertebrate communities make it a conservation area of global importance.

There are over 600 types of Continue reading

Exploring around Dungeness

FlowerSometimes we get so caught in our busy day to day activities that we don’t have time to appreciate what life has to offer us. Take for example the little flowers that seem to pop out of nowhere and give a little colour to its surrounding. Have you noticed it? Perhaps you pass by everyday but never took the time to look around you. Similarly, there are so many things around us that we don’t seem to be paying attention to because we are already thinking what we’re going to do next or so much in a hurry to get to some place.
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